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The Journey to Authenticity: 8 Secrets to Getting the Life You Desire


Are you having trouble being true to yourself?

Are you ready to lead a life of success and authenticity?

I can help you!

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Do you sometimes feel trapped between the social conventions and your real desires?

Are you often absorbed so much from your work or studies that you miss out on the essence of living?

It’s Time To Lift The Veil & Reveal To Yourself Who You Really Are With The Essential Help Of This Amazing Book.

In the ten chapters of this book you will find a great set of advice that will effectively help you reconsider your life, making you rethink about how honest you have been towards others and primarily, towards your own self.

The journey to authenticity is long but definitely feasible. It may take some time and effort but the results will be undoubtedly rewarding.

An Engaging Book That Will Put Your Real Existence Under Scrutiny!

Inspired by his own journey, Mitchell Jones, known from his participation in a reality show, confesses in this book his most intimate secrets and personal experiences that led him, as he says to “Strip down to his essence”.

Now, he shares these unique 8 secrets that helped him with his “Lifework” in order to guide you to living an authentic fulfilling life and to realize the significant importance of self awareness.

Written in an intimate, engaging and easy-to-follow tone, this book provides you with universal truths and practical tools that should be followed, in order to have the life you desire.

Finally, in every chapter of this book you will find some inspiring, self-reflective questions that will help you delve deeply into your life, discovering who you really are.

Learn How To Spend Your Life The Way It Most Pleases You.

Join me as I share with you my experiences and principles that will catapult you to live life liv with success and authenticity in every aspect of your life.


Are you having trouble being true to yourself and accepting who you are as a person?
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